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The Owensville community formed an Area Ambulance District in 1974. The OAAD covers approximately 125 square miles of the southern half of Gasconade County. The district takes great pride in its service and is committed to providing the best personnel with the best training and equipment possible.

Currently the OAAD has six elected board directors, eight full-time paramedics, six part-time paramedics, four full-time EMT's, four part-time EMT's, and three ambulances. The Owensville Area Ambulance District responds to an increasing amount of calls over their 45 years of service. You may contact them by phone, fax, or location.

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Interested in starting your career in EMS? This scholarship could help you get started!

The Matt Piles EMS Memorial Scholarship awards medical education grants to qualifying individuals who strive to enter the EMS field and have shown a commitment to the profession. The goal of the fund is to support the education of individuals who are working towards entering the EMS field at its basic level (EMT), as well as EMT’s who are working toward their paramedic license in our rural communities.